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Management Consulting

Our Consulting services are aimed at giving solutions to businessmen and their organizations, within a complex and constantly changing context.

We work with methodologies tested locally and internationally, together with a team of professionals experienced in different areas.

Processes improvement, implementation of better practices, assistance in computing projects and definition of strategies are some of the services offered by Guzmán Tapia PKF

We help Companies be more efficient, competitive and profitable.

Our Professional Services

  • Definition of Strategy and Business Plan
  • Revision, optimization and reengineering of processes by industries
  • Assistance in the adaptation and / or selection of computer systems
  • Management and Control of Computing Projects
  • Design and implementation of Command Tables, Indicators, Management Information Systems
  • Costs management analysis - ABC (activity-based costing)
  • Implementation of shared services solutions; evaluation of outsourcing solutions
  • Human Resources Consulting Services
  • IFRS implementation

Implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9000

By means of the implementation of quality management systems according to ISO 9001:2000, companies can put into practice modern management tools that help assure high standards of quality in their processes, which has a direct impact on products or services, helping them enter new markets, or comply with requirements demanded by clients or suppliers. Through quality management systems based on ISO 9000, Guzmán Tapia PKF leads the company towards client satisfaction, making the constant improvement of internal processes possible and contributing to achieve excellence levels.

Our Professional Services

Consulting Services
  • Design and implementation of Management Systems in conformity with requirements established in ISO 9001:2000 in every type of organization
  • Application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Implementation of Claims Management Systems (IRAM 90600)
  • Design and implementation of Constant Improvement programs
  • Implementation of the Quality System using the Quality Prizes Conditions (Public or Private Sector) criteria
  • Update/compatibilization of management systems and ISO 9001
  • Preparation of programs and methodologies for the evaluation and development of Suppliers
Training Modules
  • Development of ISO 9001/2000 requirements. Interpretation for specific services (IRAM 30.000: education, health, constructions, municipal management, etc)
  • Preparation of Quality Management System documentation
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Quality Prizes criteria (Public and Private Sector)
Audits and Assessments
  • Performance of diagnosis audits comparing the company's situation with
    the ISO 9001:2000 requirements
  • Performance of internal Quality audits
  • Assessment on the basis of the Quality Prizes conditions, including the Iberoamerican
  • Assessment on the basis of the GLP and GMP model
  • Performance of audits on suppliers

Corporate Governance Assistance (SOX)

For some years now, the term "corporate governance" has been heard more frequently in every meeting of companies' directors. Particularly after such key cases as Enron, WorldCom and Parmalat, the need to establish guidelines has been more evident. Such guidelines should contribute to: promote an adequate business administration and a higher control of the company, with the aim of allowing further competitiveness; grant more transparency in order to give higher levels of trust to investors; and promote the "accountability" principle on the part of those who administer organizations.

Our Professional Services

  • Implementation of internal control systems in accordance with modern approaches such as COSO (United States), or CoCo (Canada)
  • Setting up of a business risks management method which helps companies know and deal with certain events whose probability of occurrence is higher or lower, but which may seriously affect fulfillment of business goals
  • Continuous inspection and monitoring, through the existence of an internal audit process based on the review of "hard" and "soft" controls, with an approach oriented to prevent rather than to find, adequately structured
  • Assistance and support in relation to compliance with local and international applicable law (e.g.: Sarbanes Oxley - Argentine Securities Commission)
  • Support as to implementation of requirements of section 404 in SOX, including controls design, design assessment, controls test (testing) and monitoring